Wednesday, August 3, 2011

101 Goals in 1001 Days

If you're popping over to my blog, you may want to know that this has nothing to do with scrapbooking or crafting..nothing at all. lol

A wonderful friend who works as a teacher at the center I work at decided to do this and she asked a group of us if we'd like to be a part of it. I think it is a super cool idea and a great way to do things you've wanted to but always seem to put off due to one thing or another. Each one of our lists are different and it's fun and interesting to look thru others list. I got a few ideas from some of my friends list..because do you know how hard it is to come up with 101 goals? It's really not that easy.

So this is just my own personal post to help myself stay on task. I'll be coming back and marking off goals as I go. If you're wondering how long 1001 days is..I think she told me it's about 3 years. I've already marked off a few!! Would love to do the Wine Tasting tour that some of the others are doing in a couple weeks..but I won't be around for it. :( so I'll have them drink a glass for me anyway ;)

A BIG thanks to her..she know who she is...for thinking of something so fun to do for our group of friends.

101 Goals in 1001 Days
 Get published
 Learn to knit
 Make a homemade pie
 Go to Ireland
 Visit my Grandmothers grave
 Organize a family reunion
 Take the kids to Disneyland
 Frame all of my kids artwork and display in my craft room
 Finish remodeling the kitchen
 Help my son buy a car
 Buy all my kids a savings bond
 Plant a small veggie garden
 Paint the shed
 Learn to make knoephla soup
 Read 101 books: 35/101
 Learn to can my own jams/jelly
 Make a blanket for Bentley, after I learn to knit
 Clean out all the window tracks
 Replace carpet with hardwood flooring
 Pressure wash the house by myself
 Build a fence to keep the chicken neighbors away
 Beat my Final Fantasy game on PS3
 Let my kids decorate for Christmas without me bugging them
 Throw a Halloween party for all our kids’ friends
 Write a children’s book
 Read the entire Bible before 1001 days is up
 Refinish our antiques
 Get up enough nerve to sing karaoke
 Go camping without complaining
 Try 101 new beers I haven’t tasted before: 11/101
 Pay off my car
 Be debt free by the time this is over..haha
 Finish the basement
 Re-paint the laundry room
 Do yoga every day
 Decorate my office a little better
 Hand make all my Christmas cards
 Compliment 10 people I don’t care for:  10/10
 Take a spontaneous road trip
 Write letters to my children to let them know what they mean to me
 Build a fairy house with Faith
 Sleep under the stars in the back yard
 Go strawberry picking
 Make chocolate mousse
 Learn basic French
 See at least one concert every summer/fall
 Go to every community play that I can
 Start working on my Therapeutic Recreation goals
 Learn to make candy
 Help out in my community during Farmers Market week
 Teach Lexi how to properly make a bed.
Teach a scrapbooking technique class
 Pray for those on the prayer list weekly without forgetting.
 Go to a wine tasting/tour
 Make a card for my mom once a month
 Clean out my closet and donate clothing that hasn’t been worn in the last year.
 Take my Mother in Law on a picnic
 Go fishing and bait my own hook
 Go vegan for a week
 Clean the cat box 3 times
 Be nice to Ruger for a week
 Make a will
 Go to a major sporting event
 Don’t cuss for a week
 Watch a horror movie-Lexi’s choice
 Make homemade bread
 Find my Grandmothers Applesauce recipe and try to make it
 Try a hot chili pepper
 Be a couch potato for a day
 Stay off Facebook for a day
 Buy a better mattress
 Don’t drink Pepsi for a week!
 Get a passport
 Make homemade mint chip ice cream
 Volunteer to rock the babies in the hospital nursery/NICU
 Ring the Salvation Army bell at Christmas
 Eat a raw potato. If my kids can do it, so can I.
 Go Christmas Caroling
 Get a definite answer on my muscle syndrome/disease
 Get a mammogram in the next 6 months.
 Find better or supplemental insurance cause ours sux monkey butt.
 Replace all the screens in my house
 See what Twitter is all about…tweet something
 Do a Family Tree
 Participate in a silly game on Facebook that my kids do.
 Do a monthly craft with the kids at home
 Watch 3 movies from the year I was born-1967
 Don’t buy any new purses or shoes for 3 months.
 Swim with dolphins
 Visit Marie Antoinette’s home
 Watch every episode of  Law and Order 
 Take the girls to a concert
 Make my Dad a family book for his birthday or Father’s Day
 Re-upholster the dining room chairs
 Get my husband to wear something else but Wranglers
 Take my daughter horseback riding
 Offer to babysit my friend’s children at no charge
 Write a letter to an old friend I haven’t talked to in the last 6 months
 See if the Hokey Pokey is really what it’s all about.
 Help the girls make their own wrapping paper.
 Take a ceramic class.

Some will be easy..some hard. But I'd like to see how many I mark off at the end of the 1001 days. 


  1. Fabulous idea!!! Some of your posts made me giggle as they would be on my list as well. Like getting your man to wear something other than Wranglers...With mine, it's Arizona jeans...Good luck with that one!!!

  2. What fun to read your list!! February 26, 2014 seems so far away, but with 101 things to complete by then, it will surprise us all when that final day arrives!!


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