Thursday, January 15, 2015

MMU at Flying Unicorn

Hi Friends! Welcome to another fabulous MMU from FlyingUnicorn!
For this MMU challenge, I asked the family to save some toilet paper rolls. Why you ask? To make pillow boxes that I can fill with candy and give away for Valentine’s Day! This is a great recycle project that is super duper easy and fun to do!

Here is my example. I used Prima Cigar Box Secrets paper to cover my rolls and decorated them with assorted items from my stash.

You can find all these items around the house so let’s get started!

What you need:

3 empty toilet paper rolls
Flat tool like a scoring tool
Lid or some kind of circle that is large enough to fit end to end on the roll-I used the bottom of my large Gesso bottle.
Something with a slanted edge to trace around your lid-I used the bottom of a paintbrush


1.       Slightly flatten the roll using the scoring tool 

2.       Cover your roll using paper of choice using adhesive. If you don’t want to use paper, you can always paint it as well!! Get creative!

3.       After your roll is covered-place your lid/circle slightly off the end of the roll and score around the arch firmly to make an indent. You will do this on both ends on the front side and back side of your roll. 

4.       Bend in at your scoring lines to form like this:

5.       Manipulate as needed to get it to bend nicely. I glued one end shut but you don’t have to do that. 

6.       Decorate as desired but make sure you add your candy first!

Now the rules:

1.       Standard rules apply-you can find them HERE.
2.       You must create a set of 3 pillow boxes.
3.       They must be for Valentine’s Day!
4.       You can enter up to 2 sets for the challenge
5.       Entries must be uploaded into this thread and the gallery before February 15 @ 7pm EST
6.       Winner will be announced at 8pm EST on February 15.

A RAK is up for grabs!



  1. Denise,
    What an awesome and adorable project and thanks for sharing the tutorial!

    QUESTION FOR YOU IF YOU HAVE TIME: On the Mojo Monday challenge this week - which displayed your beautiful page - I just wondered where the angel wings came from - are they an embeliie, die? If you have a minute, could you let me know. Thanks so much. Kathy Bradley -

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