Monday, January 4, 2010

New Tattered Angels Glimmer Glaze & Educator Blog!

Yummy news Scrappers!!

Tattered Angels is coming out with a new product~ Glimmer Glaze!!

Pulled this info off of Tattered Angles Blog;

This innovative product will give you that beautiful vibrant color and Glimmer of Glimmer Mist, yet will also offer you the versatility of being a more permanent medium that will stick to any surface. This also will offer you a variety of finishes in this one bottle, this product will give you a matte glimmer finish if applied finely yet if you continue to layer the Glimmer Glaze, you will receive more of a gloss finish giving you so many more opportunities in just one bottle! Each bottle will come equipped with a brush attached and a wide enough opening so that you can easily pour the product directly onto your project if you wish.This product has a water base so it works wonderfully with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist to provide you with a multitude of blending options. As well we have developed two clear based Glimmer Glazes to also offer YOU a brand new “resist” agent that can be paired with Glimmer Mist. These will be amazingly versatile colors that will work well to resist Glimmer Mist offering you that much more of a technique based mediums.

As if that wasn’t enough! We NOW have a home for our brand new Education team! This blog will be dedicated to feature our brand new team that will offer you inspiration and some great classes all year around. Our goal is to get you a great tip or technique at least every other day if not more. These girls are from all across the world and are just dying to share their inspirational thoughts with YOU! We have collected an amazingly talented group of ladies, here are their blog links for you to get an idea of what you will see on our blog.

Go check it out! I look so forward to their new product and tutorials..going to be great!!

Happy Scrappin!!

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