Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cards for Lennon~Please help!!

This post has to be the most important one I've written thus far. So please read on.

Most of you know Karen who owns Pages in Time. I am just one of the Design Team members for her.

The Design Team at PIT is like a small family and when something affects one of us, it seems to affect us all....which is the meaning behind this post.

The other day, maybe it was yesterday, Karen shared with us that her little 3 1/2 yr old grandson, Lennon, is battling 3 cancerous brain tumors. Lennon has fought off this horrible disease before, but when he went for his MRI and check up, they found them. Lennon's Dr's have only given him a 20% chance to live..20%. Could you imagine if this was your child? Someone close to you? I can't.

The DT family is starting a project, "Cards for Lennon"  I don't know if any of you have seen the movie "Miracle of the Cards" which is a true story, but it shows what just a card can do to make someones day. Just to know someone is thinking about you, praying for you, giving you hope is a blessing in itself.

We would love to have you join us in lifting Lennon's spirits!! Please take the time to make, or pick up a card while your at your local store...just to say hi to Lennon..let him know people are praying for him and there is love and hope in the world. Let us ask God that Lennon be in that 20% of survivors!!!

You can send your cards to:

Amanda and Lennon Hunt
5649 South 31st Street Apt 5
Lincoln NE 68516

I truly hope you take the time to touch this little boys life. It would be greatly appreciated by his family.

Lennon and Mom

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  1. Such a wonderful gesture for the DT to do. I already have Lennon and his family in my thoughts and prayers...I'll be sending my support.


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